Dr. Joseph Richardson

Joe RichardsonDr. Richardson began his career in the Army Corps of Engineers with tours of duty in Germany and Vietnam. He then entered the private sector as an engineer for a major oil company. Upon completion of graduate studies, he became a full-time college professor and progressed to the administration as Director of Campus Planning. Dr. Richardson was the project manager for a major public school renovation project in Elizabeth, New Jersey before joining Whitehall Associates.

Dr. Richardson has had extensive experience in the design of civil works, construction, operation of physical plants, teaching and academic administration. He is a former school board member and former President of the Morris County Educational Services Commission. Dr. Richardson was in the first group of school board members to be designated a Certificated Board Member by the New Jersey School Boards Association. He is also an independent consultant for the New Jersey Department of Education.

Dr. Richardson's responsibilities as President of Whitehall Associates, Inc. include liaison with the New Jersey Department of Education, the preparation of demographic studies and the development of software applications for school demographics. He has been in charge of projects from single school districts to large urban districts such as Paterson and Elizabeth.

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